Can I Get SoundCloud on My Smart TV?

Submitted by on Jul 28, 2020

SoundCloud is the most famous in the audio distribution system. SoundCloud wirelessly plays music and other audio files from the selected gadgets and even the home audio system. The audio broadcasting app now supports Android TV, Chromecast, and other devices that control cast technology.

SoundCloud Smart TV

SoundCloud for Smart TV

Soundcloud provides information between Http or https protocol. Smart-tv uses a file system for streaming the videos. The request can’t be sent to the Smart Cloud and the information can’t be accepted by the API. One can authorize SoundCloud HTTP API with SmartTV. There are steps for getting SoundCloud on the smart TV.

Install the Soundcloud

Soundcloud can be installed directly from the App Store, it has specific features such as speed control, equalizer, audio bookmarks, and sleep timer. Chrome support is the main feature in Soundcloud. Once you have installed the app then you can directly access the account and all the uploaded data appear in the Account tab.

SoundCloud Smart TV

New music is found in Soundcloud

You can hear your favourite songs by using a sound cloud, open the top charts tab, and search for the song on the top of the screen. Click on the content type using segment control and press the search button. Find your audiobooks on Soundcloud and put them on your favourite album. Two features are available for listening to SoundCloud on the smart TV by speeding up the playback from 0.2x to 2.0x. Open your audio bookmarks by saving the playback position and start listening to your music.

Equalizer in Soundcloud

You can change the frequency in Soundcloud from -12 to +12 decibels and carry out with inbuilt brass booster, jazz, treble reducer, booster, and also varies in features. Finally, stream your music in your SoundCloud to Chromecast in your smart TV.