How Can I Make My Phone Speaker Louder?

Submitted by on Aug 29, 2020

There are multiple ways to increase the speaker in Android if you feel the sounds aren’t as loud as you like. Escalating the volume capacity of an android device is as simple as changing the position or difficult as much as deforming the equalizer settings.

Android is most suitable for regular use but at the time you wish to increase the Android device on a louder volume beyond its usual sound. Different ways are enabled for making a phone speaker louder

phone speaker

Change the position of Android device

The simpler way to increase the volume of Android by adjusting the position of the device and now you can hear well. Identical to placing a speaker closer to your ears know you can hear the person’s voice on the other line. Here are some tips for improving the sound quality on Smartphone.

Turn round your android device until you find the angle where you can hear louder and place the phone on that position. Plugging the headphones or ears will improve the Androids device sound quality and volume. Keep your android phone in a bowl or round object the shape of the object acts as an amplifier, revokes the speaker system of the android device.

Connect to the external speaker

Bluetooth plays a major role in increasing the sounds in Android. People pair their devices with Bluetooth to improve the sound system. Many Bluetooth devices are available, such as Flip4, JBI each has its pros and cons. Every Bluetooth speaker is appropriate for an android device.

phone speaker

Increase the volume limiter

If your android device couldn’t find louder volume then make sure your volume limiter isn’t restricting you. Follow the steps to increase the sound setting.

Open the setting app in your android device. Click on Sound and vibration. Tap the volume and in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on the vertical dots and tap the media volume limiter. If you find the volume limiter is in off mode then slide the off section to turn the limiter on.

Adjust the equalizer setting

Equalizer setting is the advanced method to increase the volume of your android device, the following methods involve the equalizer settings.

Open the setting app on your android device. Tap on sound and vibration. Proceed it to advanced sound setting.

Finally, tap on sound quality and effects equalizer helps in making music louder on a phone then select genre you want.