How do I Choose the Right Microphone for My Voice?

Submitted by on Jul 15, 2020

When you are trying to purchase a microphone be sure that the microphone should bring justice to your voice and help to forecast your talent. Pick your right microphone not by the best price rather pick it up which is right for your voice.  Choosing a correct headphone depends upon your unique voice, the individual alone knows which suits them most. Here are few tips to choose the right microphone for the voice you have; this guideline will assist your which kind of microphone picks up your voice.

Usability determination and Vocal direction

Plug and play is the best option for choosing a better microphone. Determine which type of directional pattern or Microphone Polar pattern, suits for your voice. More focused directional microphones are best for voice overs. You can also prefer for a cardiod or a hybercardiod polar pattern. These patterns help to minimize the room tone and ambient noise; hence it is designed to take up the sound of the microphone front position in a closure pattern.

vocal direction

Know about the microphone frequency response

Microphones like RE20 are larger diaphragm microphones. This type of microphone picks up the lower frequency such as bass drum, deep male voice or a bass guitar. The small capsule or small diaphragm microphone is developed for higher frequency signals such as the rightness of an acoustic guitar, the female voice or shimming cymbals. The frequency of mail voice falls between 110-120 hertz, likewise female voice falls between 200-210 hertz and children voices progress in the range of 300-400 Hz. The person who holds higher vibration per second can have a better voice.

Pick a better pop filter and shock Mount

Pop filter is a standard accessory for all voice over artist. The pop filter acts as a wall to reduce the airflow between your mouths onto the microphone capsules. It results in the minimization of plosives, silences and other mouth noises.  Microphones are holed by the shock mounted, which is a mechanical fastener. Shock mount has a beneficial feature that isolates the microphone from the stand vibrations. Individual should be sure before buying the appropriate mic for the voice and bring out your talent in a proper way

microphone frequency response

Test the microphone with your voice

Before purchasing a new microphone, borrow your friend’s headset or from the music store and test your voice out.  If you’re looking for a high- end microphone at your starting stage of voice test. It is a major mistake your performing at you purchase time. First test your voice notes with a lower end microphone and then move to the higher end.