Can You Plug a Microphone Into a Phone?

Submitted by on Jun 24, 2020

Smartphone’s are generally good at audio sound; the reasons might be handset or network design problems. The external microphone detects all these problems and provides better sounds. Smartphone’s are providing efficacy for on-screen operations such as browning and apps, but when it comes to handset design it doesn’t provide much impact for voice sections. Microphones are tiny in structure and problems arise very soon in them. The frequency range in Smartphone’s is lower, perhaps 300Hz to 3.4 Hz. It also uses low-filters and suppresses background noise. The handset that supports the 4Gs voice over LTE or HD voice wideband audio should have proper audio proficiency.

Smartphone’s built-in mic sections and network crises

microphone jacksSmartphone’s provide more than one built-in mic, one section of the mic is used for recording while other sections of mic detect and remove the background noises. Smartphone use very low bit-rates at the time of network problems. When the handset and network design offer support, then the HD voice provokes better audio quality. There are two ways to connect a microphone to the phone: a headphone socket and through the micro USB port.

Microphone jacks

In this type, you need to plug the jack in three rings. But the jack holds four connections; one extra band is for the mic. These plugs are called Tip Ring Sleeve connectors. But for mono readings, you should have a TRRS jack version but it can’t handle stereo settings. TRRS jacks come in different forms, with mic connections in a different place. There are handfuls of mic collection available you can choose as per your wish, one of the best mics is Lavalier microphone generally used for TV or to have theatre performance and even for interviews

USB recordings

USB recordings have a lot of advantages. It is performed in digital signal format rather than the analog process. It progresses the audio signal which is built in the Smartphone’s and the US enables better CD-quality recordings. Using USB-OTG plugin a mic into a phone and it has emphasized better audio quality. Day-to-day USB upgrades inability though it also adds the studio-quality cardioids condenser microphone.


These above aspects endeavours Smartphone’s hold better audio quality and external microphones will improve the audio recordings. To solve all the problems regarding USB you can purchase stereo digital recorders from companies. It helps to enhance the audio control support in Smartphones and propagate with better recordings.