How do You Pair Soundpeats Truecapsule?

Submitted by on Sep 2, 2020

The SoundPeatsTrueCapsule has features of IPX5 water resistance, touch control, and Support Bluetooth 5.0. It is made of the compact package along with the charging case of earbuds. Soundpeats have micro-USB charging cable and black is the only color option in it.

The overall weight of the earbud 47g and the kit has a new Soundpeats logo on its lid.

soundpeats truecapsule

The quality of the earbud is good and has a smooth matte finish. The earbud finds little fiddly to open because of its magnetic closure. The overall length of the bud is 43mm with a 7mm thick stem with a microphone on the bottom and Soundpeats down the outside of each earbud.

There are few tips to pair Soundpeats Truecapsule.

Pairing in SoundpeatsTruecapsule

Pairing occurs automatically in earbuds, the right side of earbuds flashes white and red indicates pairing mode. Connect earbuds of the true capsule in your Bluetooth device settings. Voice prompt connection, power, and pairing status.

The right-side of the earbud connects on its own while the left side doesn’t fix individually. At this stage it becomes complex and the buds reconnect automatically with the last connected device when you take them out from the case. You can also connect to one device at a time.

soundpeats truecapsule

Audio quality, performance, and battery life

The sound quality of the buds is extraordinary, you can use the TrueCapsules earbuds for phone calls and they perform binaural audio. It means the sounds come from both rights and left earbuds. It is easy for connecting Soundpeats Truecapsule in your Bluetooth device. The sound isolation is good, particularly with perfect fitting ear tips. It is very difficult to find the faults in SoundPeatsTruecapsules especially in their budget price.

Holding and tapping the left and right earbud for the second play of the previous and next track respectively. The earbuds in Soundpeats are very easy to handle and has better audio quality.