How to Fix No Sound Issue On the Internet?

Submitted by on Jun 2, 2020

Computer users mostly prefer Google chrome as their default browser option. But most of the time it fails to plays audio and it causes more frustration when you find all other apps have sounds. To fix the sound problem in rower restart your pc or else updates your Windows 10 system.

Different ways are available for fixing sound problems on the internet. Before checking out technically first of all go through your computer sound system whether it is in mute or un-mute position. Also, make sure the sounds on the web app are audible or not.

computer with Internet

Update your drive

When you find any issue in your computer sound system, the first step you should try is to update your sound drivers. One should have the latest and updated version of the sound driver in the Windows 10 system. It makes your hardware and app to function in a smoother form.

It activates your drive manually or automatically using the Auslogics Driver update. If you try it manually then you should know it takes a lot of time and effort. Go to the manufacturer website for repairing sounds on the internet and find the latest version of your driver which is compatible with your system.

Volume mixer for checking the sound

Windows10 allows you to adjust the sound in a specific app. If you find all the apps have sufficient sound rather than chrome, then there is a chance you might have muted the volume of your browser. You can solve the problem by following these steps.

computer with Internet

Move to the lower right corner of the taskbar and click on the sound icon. Choose the open volume mixer. Move the browser volume slider to a louder volume. Restart your computer and check.

Clear the browser cookies and caches

Cookies and caches are primary files that speed up the loading speed of web pages. These are the reasons of sound issue on the internet. Temporary Data is overloaded in the chrome browser, it causes various issues like lack of audio. So it is necessary to clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Go to chrome, move to the top-right corner of the Browser and press the customize and control chrome. Now you can see three vertical lines near the address bar. In the list select the more tool option, and then clear the browsing data. Choose your specific time to remove all the data’s.