Is Google Recording Me?

Submitted by on May 17, 2020

Every search for something on Google, but nobody knows whether it keeps track of our web searches. But Google manages your searches and the internet giant stores all your voices recording at the time of voice over. There is a page named my activity in Google that stores all your search activity.

Google records your voice

You can see a timeline activity on the Activity Page about the Google products, search you have done on Google and pages you have visited as well as the videos and images you have viewed are recorded in the Google search activity blog. Google records the voice of every individual, and your privacy setting will establish what absolutely an exhibit on your timeline

records voiceListen to the recordings

If you have pressed the ok Google pop up command then it automatically stores your voice searches, if you want to hear those searches then click on Voice and audio activity tab it redirects to your recording page. For example, when I asked for an android setting on Google voice note, Google is listening to the voice by allowing the OK Google button and saved the file. Later on, when I play the recordings section, I can hear what exactly I said using OK Google. When you use the OK google activation command or use a microphone icon, your private Audio and video ates some audio and video in your account.

Delete the files from google recordings

The reasons for Google recording the voice for improving your experience with the voice search features. If you want to delete the recorded files from your activity page, Google makes the process very easy by navigating to Delete activity by on the top left of the My Activity page. Select All time as data using the drop-down and choose the voice and Audio under the product menu and click delete.

Change your settings

Change your setting to negotiate the future recording voices and other audio files from being saved from Google account. By using the navigation bar on the left, select the Activity controls, and then pause Voice and audio activity.

Private settings review

If you choose the privacy option then your files are secured. Google also takes a look at your information portal whether it is in private mode or not. In addition to the audio files, Google tracks the records of your location history, web searches, and more.