Coaching and Consulting

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Part of my ministry is helping leaders and organizations get healthy and thrive. Stay Forth coaching and consulting helps leaders and organizations live into God’s unique design for them. Every leader needs to learn processes that can enable them to dig in and bear lasting fruit. Stay Forth offers various venues for growing as a leader or a team.

Interested in becoming a writer? If you’re interested in becoming a writer but don’t know your next steps I would love to help. I help aspiring writers become actual writers by building their process. This takes place through coaching calls or a writing cohorts. Email [email protected] for more info.

Interested in becoming a coach? If you’re interested in becoming a coach to leaders around you I would love to help train you. I train individuals and teams in the content and processes behind coaching; the why, the how, the what and the who. I utilize coaching videos, coaching calls or individual training with teams. Email [email protected] for more info.

Leadership Coaching Options

  • Monthly group coaching calls on a specific area leaders struggle with 
  • Online group cohorts on various topics
  • One-on-one individual coaching process where Alan utilizes 10 tools in 10 sessions. 

If you are interested in coaching or coaching or consulting please fill in the form below, and I will get back to you.

Organizational Consulting Options

Alan consults with groups, churches, denominations and organizations. Alan builds a consulting process based on the unique strengths and challenges of each situation. Here are three common options.

  • Speaking to leaders in your context and spend extended time developing processes with them.
  • Speaking to your group and launching an online cohort-based consulting process, typically 5-10 sessions. 
  • Group coaching video calls for your tribe or group on the content of his books or various other topics 

If you are interested in coaching or consulting please fill in the form below, and I will get back to you.

What others are saying about Stay Forth coaching and consulting…

“Worth every dollar!”   Brit, Church Planter

“Having Alan as a consultant and facilitator for our staff off-site was fantastic! He has incredible spiritual discernment and coaching skills and has such a commitment to the local church. His heart and expertise led to incredible insights, tools and direction! I highly recommend him for coaching, consulting or facilitating!”    Karin, Discipleship Director

“Alan is a mentor to the mentors and a coach to the coaches. His coaching somehow marries 20,000 foot overarching vision with on-the-ground practical application, providing you with the necessary tools to do great ministry.”  David, Student Pastor

“Inviting Alan in to consult my team was a great decision. His knowledge, experience and humor helped create a fantastic experience for us. We problem solved and refined our vision as a result. I highly recommend you connect with Alan!”    Jon, Lead Pastor

“I have greatly benefited from my coaching from Alan. He has a knack for asking questions that see right to the heart of the matter. It has helped achieve greater balance and foresight in my career and personal life.”   John, Denominational Leader

“Through relational and streamlined leadership, Alan’s coaching helps you make the right decisions to develop and unleash a missional and multiplying culture in your ministry.”   Zach, Church Planter

“Alan was able to help me take the lessons and skills I have learned in a former context and bring them into the present and even future. Our organization needs healthy leaders and I can’t thank him enough for wanting health in all areas for me and by extension my team.”   Sarah, Ministry Leader

“Alan is an incredible coach. Speaking with him was like looking at a map of the church planting journey. He helped me see the landmarks and pitfalls along the way. He helped me design strategies to succeed in each stage of our ministry journey. This was an irreplaceable life-line for me!”   D.J., Lead Pastor

“Alan was really thorough in understanding our church’s unique context and challenges and tailored his consulting to best serve our team. His relational style and years of experience helped guide our team toward vision and strategy conversations that have impacted the direction of our church. What a gift to our team!”    Dan, Church Movement Director 

“My season being coached by Alan was well worth the investment. Not only did we work on key areas of my choosing, but he guided me through two major ministry transitions. Now I get to help coach others!”   Josh, Discipleship Pastor